Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keeping the Sabbath Holy

This is one of those posts where I NEED feedback.  So PLEASE, leave a comment as to your views!  No offense will be taken, and please respect everyone else's opinions :)

Okay - here are my thoughts... the fourth of the Ten Commandments is to "Keep the Sabbath Holy."  In today's "world," what does this mean???  I know some say not to go to your job... unless you have to, considering some jobs (i.e. some military, medical professionals, police, firemen, etc) don't have a choice.  Some just stay away from the "odd jobs" of around the house - no laundry, cutting grass, washing the car, changing the oil, vacuuming, etc.  Yet others say that you are to do nothing.  Where do you sit on the fence?  Where do your convictions lie?  Should women serve their families pre-prepared foods such as cut up fruits and pre-made muffins for breakfast, subs for lunch, and salads for supper?  Or is it okay to cook?

Is it wrong to catch up on school work? To run errands? To work on a hobby? To work on training the dog? To dirty and clean up dishes?  Obviously we no longer fall under the Mosaic Law - we are saved by grace, and following the Ten Commandments do not determine our Salvation.  With that said, however, we are still called to follow His Word out of love, fear, and respect for our Creator, Lord, and Savior, as believers.

What does it mean to you and your family to "keep the Sabbath Holy?"