Friday, October 4, 2013

Hudsons Head West - Part 6

Sleeping in was an option today :)  Rather than the alarm going off at 5, it was set for 6:30.  What a nice change!  Ahead of us is a day of relaxation and taking in the local life of a smaller town called Spearfish.  First up was a trip to one of the local parks to let the kids run.  We met some family there and enjoyed a morning of playing on the playground equipment and wading in a stream.

After that, we headed to the local Fish Hatchery.  I'm not sure if the kids had more fun feeding the fish or the ducks!

Once our fish food cups were empty, we headed to a local coffee shop to get our own cups of refreshment.  Wow were the drinks yummy!  Picking up some fresh, local, raw milk was next on our agenda.

With the evening approaching and nothing on the agenda, we decided to head back to the Wildlife Loop at Custer State Park.

The next day we met up with our family again, and "hiked" a gorgeous trail to see a spectacular waterfall.  The little ones did really well, with the 2 year old tiring at the end, yet he kept on going.

On Sunday we headed to church and then over to our family's house for a day spent enjoying the gift of loved ones <3 a="" day="" great="" hat="" nbsp="" p="">