Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hudsons Head West - Part 7 - Land Search

My family and I dream of what life will be like after the military... when we get to chose where to live.  Tons of prayer and dreams have gone into our plan.  Each of us have been given the opportunity to express our heartfelt wishes.  Lists and spreadsheets have been made, comparing and contrasting all fifty states.  We have listed our desires in order of importance, with the state's laws being at the top of the list, especially regarding home school and personal protection and safety.

We also have a great desire to live in a climate that has all four seasons, rather than "hot" and "hotter."  Snow is a must.  Being able to garden and have chickens is also a must.  Raw milk is desirable, though we are hoping to eventually have cows, goats and/or sheep to supply our own.  Hunting our own property would be ideal.  A fresh water supply would be phenomenal.

Our quest has led us to the northeastern parts of Wyoming.  Our last day in the area, we headed over to Crook and Weston Counties and looked at some properties.  What a gorgeous area!  The laws are ideal, raw milk is accessible, grass-fed beef is in the nearby areas.  The properties we looked at were nicely sized, with plenty of trees along with some areas that would work nicely for building sites.  The lots obviously had critters living in the vicinity, as you could see numerous bedding down areas.

We will continue to pray that God shows us the exact property He has in store for us.  We are quite certain it will be in that area.  He has shown us over and over again that it is the general vicinity He desires us to be.  We look forward to the day where we can live the simple lifestyle we feel called to live!