Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day pictures

I wanted to share with all of you some of our pictures from Christmas.  We do not exchange many gifts.... we each get "something you want," "something you need," "something you wear," "something you read," and "something for your hobby."  Then we also exchange homemade gifts between ourselves.  This year, ds8 made everyone wood burnings.  Ds6 made everyone, except me, a scarf.  I received a box to put my sewing pins :)  DD10 made a mixture of things.  For me, she rescued a tiny "wild" tomato seedling a couple months ago, and has been nurturing it ever since :)  My dear sweet hubby is working on a drying rack for fresh pasta.

After opening a few gifts, we had a yummy breakfast of fruit cup, a bacon, potato, and egg casserole, and some warm wassail.

After breakfast, I got the turkey in the oven, and then we headed out to the fire department and police department.  The same two gentlemen that worked Thanksgiving at the Fire Department were working Christmas as well!

For our children this year, my hubby and I put our heads and "talents" together to make gifts.  DD6mo received a swing.  DS2 received a busy board.  DD4 (ack she's almost 5!) received a play kitchen, though sadly it is not quite done.  DS6 and DS8 both received trays with large flat 10 inch lego pieces in it, to build their lego masterpieces.  DD10 received a bunkbed nightstand :)

We enjoyed a quiet day together, though we missed being with family.  We were able to Skype with hubby's family for a few minutes, where the kids opened a few of the presents from them.  We kept our dinner small this year, with my health issues rearing their ugly heads in major ways over the last few days.  Overall, it was a great Christmas, with us trying to keep our focus on the Greatest Gift of All!