Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Girl - Marie Grace and Cecile

The Marie Grace and Cecile books were written in such a different manner than the others.  Rather than the books being written about one primary character, both girls are of equal importance.  With that being said, K10 absolutely LOVED these books.  I think Josephina is still her absolute favorite, but she really enjoyed these, just the same.

Week 1:
Read book 1
Studied opera - we listed to a lot of Jackie Evancho and Carmen (with English subtitles)
Studied simple words in french
Studied Mardi Gra - We watched this history video regarding it
Food: Shrimp gumbo, pecan pie, and pralines

Week 2:
Read book 2
Played charades
Studied parrots
Wrote a letter
Worked on needlework
Food: Roast duck, shrimp and tomato bisque, baguettes, pain perdu

Week 3:
Read book 3
Coconut oil based salve
Hemmed a baby blanket
Researched yellow fever

Week 4:
Read book 4
Learned to set the table properly
Made a beaded purse
Had a picnic
Food: Spicy oyster stew, okra, baguettes, and custard

Week 5:
Read book 5
Made "stuff" for Operation Christmas Child
Food: Jambalaya

Week 6:
Read book 6
Made table linen and pillowcases
Made flower wreath
Food: French pastries, Fried shrimp, Roast duck, Shrimp and tomato bisque, okra, dandelion greens, and rolls