Monday, February 1, 2016

January ReCap

What a month January turned out to be.  It seems like much of it we were sick, and half of it my hubby was gone!  The beginning of the month, we celebrated New Years with my in-laws.  We had a lovely visit and squeezed in a trip to Patriot's Pointe.  (I'll post more on that later.)  My parents also visited during the month for an enjoyable time.  We were able to celebrate S's 7th birthday :)  Of course she wanted to go squirrel hunting as well as to the zoo.  E is now 5 months old, has two teeth and rolls... but best of all, she laughs.  There is nothing as sweet as that sound!

The end of the month was a little more eventful, with two "rare" occurrences... or at least for us!  The first was snow :)  Now I'm only talking about snow showers that only covered vehicles, and no ground, but we still had fun, with the kids making balls of the snow lying on the cars :)  The other occurrence was a "sonic boom."  This is said to happen when an aircraft (generally military) goes faster than the speed of sound.  All I can tell you is it is loud and made the house shake and windows rattle.  Crazy intense!

As far as my goals are concerned... I did not do so well....

Family Goals: epic fail!  With hubby being gone so much, we never had any family game nights or  movie night!  I think I want to really focus on those this month!!!

Spiritual Goals: To be honest, these have been hit or miss.  i could give a gazillion excuses, but truth be told, no excuse is good enough!  I MUST make time for God in my life, no matter what phase of life I am in!

Health Goals: These are going alright.  I have no idea how to wake up my adrenal gland to get it acting right!  I am slowly making progress on my GNOWFGLIN courses as well as my Vintage Remedies courses.  I need to push myself to take more time in these.

School Goals: We made it on two field trips in January... Patriots Point and to the zoo.  I'll post about those in another post (or two).  We haven't started the unit studies yet, and honestly school was pretty discombobulated in January, with a lot of chaos and confusion.  I figured out a better schedule I think that we started today, but alas, that is for February.

Farmgirl Goals: I put in and received 5 badges in January: Expert in My Fair Farmgirl, Beginner for Sew Wonderful, Beginner for Aprons, Beginner for Quilting, and Beginner for Homespun Christmas.  I did, however, fail at writing a letter this past month, though I posted on the boards most days.

Homesteading Goals: These are a work in progress.  I learned from my brother that much of the selling will be through word of mouth, and not advertised on the internet.  This obviously makes some things more difficult, as I can easily learn what kind of critter I want, but may not be able to find any out there once we move.  We do have a source, however, for our grass-fed beef when we move :) I also read The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.  Simply put, she is living my dream!!!

Crafting Goals: I completed two Christmas ornaments for January :)  I went with a snowman theme and they turned out really cute.  Sadly, that is all I accomplished for my goals for January, though I also made some crafts for a Valentines swap.