Saturday, February 6, 2016

Patriots Point - Field Trip

Patriots Point 

The first field trip of 2016 for us was to Patriots Point.  While we are not yet "there" in our history studies, my in-laws were down and this is where they desired to go.  What a fantastic trip!!!  They started the tour without me, so that I could feed E, but thankfully got some pictures for us!  Be forewarned... this post will entail LOTS of photos!

We then headed onto the USS Yorktown.  The USS Yorktown, also know as "The Fighting Lady" is an aircraft carrier.  The one exhibited was commissioned in 1943, and was named after the one that was lost when fighting against a Japanese fleet in 1942.  Not only was this carrier instrumental in the fighting in the Pacific against the Japanese and their ultimate defeat, but also served in the Vietnam War, as well as recovering the astronauts of Apollo 8.


There were five tours you could take once on the USS Yorktown, as well as the Hangar Deck.  We didn't quite get to all of them, as we were carrying around a sleeping 2 yo about halfway through, and I had to feed E, but we were able to go on most of them.  We first went up to the flight deck... gotta check out the aircrafts!!!

Then we went below... I'll post some of our more favorite/intriguing areas and pictures...

 Heading to the Chapel

I can just picture the men all lined up shaving for duty...

Seriously close sleeping quarters! 

 Dentist anyone?

That is a whole lot of ingredients and cookies!!!

We also went on and toured the USS Laffey.  This Destroyer, also known as "The Ship That Would Not Die" has a fascinating history!  It was named after the original one, which was sunk in 1942.  The one we toured was not commissioned until 1944.  It was attacked by the Japanese in 1945.  She was hit by three bombs, as well as two suicide kamikazes wrecking into her, and yet, she did not sink, and survived!  

The USS Clamagore was next.  This submarine was commissioned shortly before the end of World War II.  I was unable to tour this one, due to feeding E, but again they took pictures for me :)  What struck them the most was the tiny doorways and close quarters!

The oval in the middle of the picture is the DOOR!  Seriously!

For the final time we were there, we toward the "Vietnam Experience."  My kids have a huge interest in this time of history due to my father being wounded during the Vietnam War.  It is said to be set up in a manner as authentic as possible.

And as a final photo, I just had to add this gorgeous picture of the bridge as we got ready to leave :)

If any of you are in the area of Patriots Point, I would highly recommend you take the time to visit.  It can add up quickly, cost-wise, but is well worth it, especially for the history buffs!