Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Turning 7

S turned 7 mid January.  She is growing up so quickly!  She opted for what is becoming her yearly traditions.  It started a few days before her birthday, with a hunting trip with her Daddy.

Yes, that is her in front of our Christmas tree.  She requests every year for the tree to stay up until after her birthday!

The children get to pick their breakfast, dinner, and dessert, as well as how we celebrate, which usually entails a field trip.  Here are her choices:
Pancake Snowman, complete with chocolate chip eyes, nose, mouth and buttons, bacon scarf, Sausage arms, marshmallow snowballs, and falling powdered sugar snow

Dinner was spaghetti - sorry - no pictures ;)

 K12's attempt at S7 and a cat, stuck up a tree, in a blizzard, with a snowman on the side...

Rather than a party, S7 opted for a family trip to the zoo.  Her favorite animal there are the otters.

I'll post more zoo pictures in a different post, later... stay tuned!

S7 is really growing up into a little lady.  She is a sweetheart that wants to help, especially in the kitchen!  Her passion lies in cooking and of course, in cats.  She is really looking forward to the day we can have a cat (or ten) running around the barn!  Her writing and reading skills are growing steadily and she is generally a pleasure to teach and be around!  While she still enjoys playing with her baby dolls and play food, she is also quick to join the boys in a hunting trip.  Her biggest disappointment in not shooting anything on her trip was not getting to skin a squirrel!?!?  It is an absolute delight to be her mommy!