Sunday, May 5, 2013

Canning Green Peas

To help lower the cost of produce for our larger family, and to enjoy the vegetables when they are in season, our family is part of a local, yearly, CSA, or community supported agriculture.  This allows us to get locally grown, via organic practices, vegetables all year round.  Recently, our weekly bag has included lots of peas.  Thankfully, we had enough to eat some fresh, along with canning the rest.  Here are some directions to raw canning green peas.

1.  Shell the peas if they are not already shelled.
2.  Wash the peas well, and get your pressure canner, jars, flats and rings ready.

3. In hot jars, fill with raw peas, leaving 1 inch headspace.

4.  Place sterilized flat and ring on jar, tightening.

5.  Place in canner and pressure can per your canner's instructions, for 40 minutes with 10 pounds of pressure.
6.  Let your canner cool naturally, remove the jars, and viola!  You now have yummy canned peas!