Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day - Happy or Not-so Happy?

"Happy Mother's Day" is called out constantly.  Cards are bought, flowers purchased, phone calls made.  Those of us blessed with children, whether they are young or old, relish in the well wishes and the day that brings about a sense of gratefulness for all that we do as mommas.  As a momma of five, and expecting another blessing in only a few months, you would think I too would be in this state of bliss - feeling appreciated and overjoyed to being given the opportunity to raise these little blessings.  And yet, my heart breaks!  Today, more than any other Mother's Day in the past, my heart breaks!

Over the ten plus years of blissful marriage to my dear sweet hubby, we had endured a number of hardships.  Four of such hardships were miscarriages.  Yes, I am a momma to five, soon to be six, little darlings, but that doesn't take away the pain and sorrow of not having those other little blessings in my home... to love on, to raise in God's Word, to teach, to pray with and for.  I believe they are in Heaven with their Creator - He knew the number of days they would be in this world before He knitted them in my womb.  He knew I would never hear their pitter-pattering feet, their laughs, their first words.  He also loves them more than I ever could.  They are resting in Him - yet I miss them, especially on Mother's Day.

Then I think of dear sweet friends who have lost their children after being able to hold them and love on them - to see and hear them take their first breath, to see their tiny feet, to hold their tiny hands.  My heart breaks for them, as I know they must be missing their sweet children as well.  Perhaps they are clinging more tightly to the children still living, while looking at pictures of those they lost.

I think of those mothers who do not know where their children are... because they were kidnapped, ran away, or are not communicating any longer with their family. My heart breaks for them!  The news right now is broadcasting the miraculous escape of three women who have been missing for around ten years.  What a joyous Mother's Day this must be for those women's mothers!  But what about the mothers who are still unsure of where their children are and their welfare?

My heart breaks the most for those mothers who have never carried a child full term, yet long for their empty arms to be filled!  While I know the heartache of miscarriages, I have numerous blessings to hug on.  Some mommas don't.  It is these mommas that are not even thought about on Mother's Day... the ones who miscarried and as of yet still do not have any children.  And yet, they are mommas as well!  They are the ones that need today - not the flowers, the cards, or the commercialism of Mother's Day, but the love, the encouragement and the prayers!  There are mommas out there that would LOVE the opportunity to have a young child beat on the door while they were going potty, to hear their children bicker, to wipe away tears, to feed every two to three hours during the middle of the night, to love.

So while yes, today is a Happy Mother's Day, it is also a day think about others rather than dwelling on oneself.  To be thankful for your children and your mother.  But also, a day to be prayerful regarding those who long for a child of their own, but for one reason or another, do not have any children.  It is a day to be mindful of others and to give a word of encouragement.