Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Operation: Fencing the Garden

A couple days ago, I introduced you to Zoey... our cute, adorable, mischievous puppy!  As much as I love this dear sweet puppy, she can be a handful!  Last year, we had a nice size garden... that got eaten prior to being picked by tomato horn worms, squash borers, june bugs, and our children!  Does anyone else have the issue of having to look at your children and telling them to STOP eating your veggies so that you can cook with them?  Anyways, our plan for this year was to keep a better watch on the kiddos and to stress how important it is to leave the garden alone.  However, we quickly learned that Zoey thought the garden beds were her personal digging area, and the plants her own special chew toys!  Thus started Operation: Fencing the Garden!

Our garden consists of 4 raised 4' x 8' beds.  The last of these is home to our strawberry patch.  Around the boxes are cement pavers.  Behind the garden, in front of the privacy fence, is my herb garden.  We decided to construct a three foot tall fence around the entire garden!  Yup - my hubby with a hurt back, our 5 children, ages 9, 7, 5, 4, and almost 2, and my pregnant-self decided to take on this project.  And we did it!!!  Check out the before, during and after pictures!