Thursday, May 2, 2013


A few days before Christmas, we got the word that a litter of puppies we were looking at were ready to leave momma and be adopted out.  We had been working with two German Shepherd Rescues for awhile.  This litter's momma came to them in terrible shape.... terribly malnourished, underweight, and unhealthy!  She had a large litter of eleven puppies - two of which did not survive.  Off we drove to see if we would find our newest family member.

Many wondered why in the world we would want another puppy!  At that point we were in our first trimester of yet another pregnancy.  With five children, another on the way, and a large Dutch Shepherd, why in the world did we want a puppy?  Unfortunately, our dutch shepherd, Stephie, is getting up in years :(  She is 11 or twelve years old, and her arthritis is causing havoc to her body.  She was only coming downstairs twice a day - first thing in the morning to go outside, and again in the evening to eat and go back outside.  Due to her sedentary life and arthritis, she was putting on more weight, causing her life to be even more sedentary.  Our hope was the puppy would do two things: a) bring some life back to Stephie, and b) make it a little easier when Stephie passes.

So why a German Shepherd?  I grew up with my parents owning two white german shepherds.  I quickly learned that they are great protectors, as well as lovable dogs.  After some research, I also learned how trainable they are, dependable, and superb pets.  With the number of children we have, ranging in age, a dog that is gentle, dependable, and also protective is a must!

So here are some pictures of Zoey.... our puppy we adopted from a rescue an hour or two away.  She is a wonderful addition to our family - needs some training, but is bright enough to catch on quickly!

The day we got Zoey - Stephie was trying to figure out why there was a puppy in her yard :)