Saturday, August 10, 2013

First week of school

Our first week of school is complete.  We were hoping that jumping back into a routine would get things to normal in our home.  Well, I guess it was a "normal" week for us.... which translates to abnormal and hectic :)  We were able to get our school work complete, for the most part, but oy! parts of it were stressful, including a couple trips to the doctor for our infant.

Perhaps one of the most favorite activities of the week for the kiddos was a history activity.  We took a look at the Renaissance period.  Our discussion included the fact that many paintings and sculptures of the time period centered around the Bible.  The children, in turn, used water colors to pain their own Bible picture from a coloring book.

Welllll part of the paint got on the paper anyways.

Definitely an outside project!!!

And here is a photo of our oldest, DD9, working hard on her English.