Monday, August 5, 2013

Peach Picking

Each year, our family picks and preserves seasonal fruits and veggies.  We start with the yummy strawberry season in March or April, and finish with apples in September or October.  We try to pick enough to eat that fruit for the next year, until the harvest is once again ready.  This year has not been much different than normal.  Due to my pregnancy and our youngest's birth, we did miss the blueberry season this year.   Not wanting to miss the peach season, my husband, his parents, and the children went and picked peaches at St. Julien Plantation, while I stayed home with the baby.  What fun they had!!!


DD4 - so excited :)

DS2 - so proud



Pop helping DD4

5 bushels later, I had lots of preserving to do!  We ended up canning 30 or so quarts of canned peaches, around 2 dozen half pints of peach barbecue sauce, about a dozen half pints of lavender peach butter, gallons of frozen peaches and dehydrated peaches, and a delicious dessert of blueberry and peach cobbler (see later post for recipe), not to mention numerous fruits for each of us to enjoy fresh. We should be good on peaches until next summer :)

Since the infant is not in any of the earlier pictures, here is one of her, wearing a loom knitted hat her older brother, DS6, made her :)