Monday, August 5, 2013

Praying my girls are similar...

Everyone has dreams and desires for they children.  For us, we pray our children will become children of Christ, and fulfill His purpose for their lives.  Of course, we also pray that they get married to someone they love and who loves them in return, for good health, and happiness.  But those latter prayers are just things... nothing about the heart of the child.

Today we caught a glimpse of the type of heart we wish to see in our children as they grow older... a heart of compassion and caring for others... of doing things or offering services, with no expectation of something in return.  This is a rarity in today's society, where self-centeredness and a sense of entitlement is embraced.  Even more so, these tender hearts belonged to two teenage girls!!!  Yes teenagers - the age where most individuals are hitting the climax or quickly climbing the course to self indulgence. Yet these two young ladies went out of their way for our family.

As you guys are aware, our family welcomed our sixth blessing the end of June.  Following her arrival were some complications for myself.  Then, there was a great concern regarding our daughter's weight, to the point where the doctor was wanting us to consider metabolic testing and possibly a sweat test for cystic fibrosis.  To compound the issues, my husband started having further complications with his back resulting in another consultation with the neurosurgeon.  With all this said, life goes on.  Laundry, dishes, dusting, sweeping, mowing, and all the other tasks of everyday life continue.  And of course, thanks to my crazy tenacity, school starts back up tomorrow.  Life is hectic!  And yet, the first young lady offered me a gift of respite and help.  She has offered to come sit with the children, do my dishes, wash, dry, and fold my laundry, clean my house.... here is a teenager offering to give up her summer days to entertain five young children while their momma catches a nap... to clean up after their messes and help in a very real and practical manner, with exacting nothing in return!

The second young lady presented me with a gift for our daughter.  She had taken the time to make an adorable baby afghan.  The size is perfect for laying over her, keeping our sweet girl warm from the air conditioning, yet small enough to not smother her or become a hazard.  This young lady again took time from her summer to make something for a newborn... I can only imagine the time and love that went into its creation.

I'm not sure I ever sat back and took into consideration what the characteristics of our children would look like in the future.  Sure I have considered what I want them to be like now and what morals and values we hope to instill, but I've never taken the time to fast-forward to see what they would look like, lived out in real circumstances. I can honestly say I pray our daughters grow up to be like those two young ladies... with compassionate hearts and using their skills and talents to bless those around them.  I  know with all ceraibty, those two young ladies blessed this tired momma in some very real ways!!!