Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sam's Party

We had a great birthday party for Samantha's first party. Brad's parents made it down here and joined us for the celebration. I tried to keep the crafts fairly simple. I had made homemade green playdoh that I stored in half pint jars. The kiddos used felt to cover the kids, making it look like a bear's head. They also used lollipops and bear cutouts to make "bear-pops." Probably the most exciting craft, however, was the "bear tags." Each child that attended was encouraged to bring their own stuffed bear from home. We used plastic tags from Staples, attached a keychain ring and a small bear claw charm, thredded cute bear printed ribbon through it and tied around each child's neck. We then wrote each bear's name on the tag. The kids LOVED them!!!

In addition to the crafts the kids made, they also received a tote bag I made from "Blue Jean Teddy Bear" material. They turned out so well! I was quite excited about them! They were bigger than I had planned, but I was overall pleased. The children also received a small teddy bear cookie cutter to be used with the play doh. For the babies that attended, I gave them each a teether, and a small plastic car.

I decided against doing a lot of food for this party, and instead made some seriously cute cupcakes. I decorated them with chocolate icing and then added an unwrapped peppermint patty and three junior mints, making it look like a paw print. They were soooo cute!!!