Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum

Yet another school year has started for us.  This year there are 4 littles being schooled, with the fifth keeping us all entertained, by climbing onto chairs, tables, and the living room furniture, dumping out crayons and markers, and emptying out his siblings' drawers for their workbox systems.  Thankfully we can get  him to sit still occasionally for a book, playing with shape sorters, and some other preschool geared games.  More or less, he just makes a mess, but honestly, if the games keep him happy and occupied, it is so worth it!  Considering he is only 15 months old, i'm not too worried about educating him yet :)

His older sister is three now.  Normally, this would still be a year of play for her, with no structured learning.  After watching me do school with her siblings last year, however, she was adamant that she needed to do school this year and that her busy bags were not enough.  Soooooo we decided to try something new.  Before Five in a Row was highly recommended to us, so we decided to go for it.  What a great investment!  She and our 5 yo are thoroughly enjoying doing the books together!  In addition to reading the books and the activities that go along with them, I keep her busy with busy bags.  After that, she is free to play :)

Her older brother is 5 now and in kindergarten.  We are using ACE 1st grade curriculum with him, along with BFIAR.  The next boy is 6 and in 1st grade.  He is using Five in a Row for reading and Bible.  For math, he is using Math U See, for Handwriting he uses Handwriting Without Tears, All About Spelling, and English is Shurley English.  For science, he and his older sister who is now in the 4th grade (gasp) is completing Apologia Zoology II.  They also are doing history together, which is the second half of Mystery of History Volume 2.  All four children are studying Geography together, focusing on some of the countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa.  They are also using the music and art curriculum that Erica of Confessions of a Homeschooler designed.

Our oldest, as I said, is in 4th grade.  In addition to the courses she does with her brother and siblings, she has a full schedule.  She too uses a program from Math U See, All About Spelling, and Shurley English.  Her Bible curriculum is Veritas Press.  For reading, we are utilizing the Prairie Primer.  Once a week we also work on the American Girl studies, Health which entails learning about herbs, and Keepers at Home.

Here is our schedule:
    (4th) (1st) (K) (PreK3)
800   History History BFIAR BFIAR
830   Geography Geography Geography Geography
930                  MWF - Spelling MWF - Bible BFIAR activity BFIAR Activity
  TTh - Zoology TTH - Zoology
1000   Math Handwriting ACE Play with 1 yo
1030   Bible Math ACE Play with 1yo or Busy Bag
1100   English English Finish any other work and then play
1130   Prairie Primer FIAR
1200             M - Music M - Music M - Music M - Music
  Tu - American Girl TThF - Spelling TuThF - Free TuThF - Free
  W - Art W - Art W - Art W - Art
  Th - Health
  F - KOH
1230             Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1300   Finish school if needed or free Nap Nap