Monday, January 19, 2015

Ornaments - July - September

I have SOOOOOO enjoyed making ornaments every month!!!  It has helped me do a little each month in preparation for Christmas :)

The theme for July was vintage.  Anyone who knows me, knows that while I think vintage items are pretty, they just are not my style.  So, I accepted the challenge with some trepidation, and started brainstorming.  I also contacted a few people for advice, lol.  This is what I ended up coming up with:

For August, our theme was Gingerbread Man :)  So much fun!

Angels was our theme for September.  Oh how I love angels!

Ornaments - October - December

Ahhhh - Our last three months of ornaments for 2014.

October's theme was cupcakes!  This one was A LOT of fun!  In fact, it started my desire of wanting a "sweets and treats" themed kitchen for next year ;)  My poor hubby!  Anyways, here is the ornament I came up with:

November's theme was stockings:

December was a "free for all."

Looking forward to seeing the "requirements" for 2015!

My "Miracle Baby" is 6!

Six years ago, on the 16th of January, I knew something was not right.  Call it mother intuition, a gut feeling, or God gently pressing us forward.  We knew that we needed to go to the hospital.  I was in my last month of pregnancy, and everything had looked good up to that point.  I wasn't feeling contractions really - just twinges.... yet it seemed like the little baby girl inside me was spasm-ing with those twinges.  We dropped our other three children off with dear sweet friends of ours and headed down the road.  I get to the hospital, only to find out my least favorite OB was on call!  He had a pitiful bedside manner when we had miscarried the second time!  I had avoided him this entire pregnancy and yet, there was no avoiding him this time!  He kept mentioning a c-section, and I told him no.... but it hit the point where there was no denying one was needed!  The weird pains got worse - they were only on one side of my stomach - and with each one, I could feel my baby girl struggling.  An emergency c-section was needed!  We were soon to find out that not only did we have a prolapsed cord, but where I was feeling the weird pains, my placenta was tearing off my uterine wall!  After a scary few moments of our baby girl not breathing (it felt like minutes/hours!), our sweet baby cried... weak at first and then strengthening.

Wanting to do the best for our baby girl, we blindly followed the "recommendations" that are often looked at as mandated.  We vaccinated our child, just as we had the other three.  OY!  If we only knew then what we know now!  Our sweet baby girl went hypotonic... I'm talking limp rag doll!  No more vaccinations for her or any of our other children!!!!

Fast forward a little over a year after the vaccination scare... Vomiting, a high fever, and nothing helping, landed us in the ER.  After giving her some anti-nausea medicine, we were told we could go home and she would be fine.  Finally having hit the point where I could stand up to a doctor, I told them she needed IV fluids first.  The doctor thought I was nuts, and told me she didn't need them.  Just give her fluids, the medicine would prevent her from vomiting, and she would be fine.  I demanded to see the head doctor.  He comes in and informs us he is admitting our sweet little girl for 24 hour observation.  We finally agree... but that 24 hours turned into over two weeks!  Her little body was fighting meningitis and encephalitis.  We were told every day that they were not sure if she would ever leave the hospital alive.  And yet, God was faithful!  Once again He pulled us through this trial and healed her little body.  We basically brought home a 20 month old newborn.... one that could not walk any more, sit up, talk, or eat.  We were back on bottles and retraining her little body.

And now she is six!  She amazes me each and every day!  Our hearts swell with love - she is one of the sweetest most tender hearted children!  If you win her heart, you have won it completely!!!  She still has her struggles, but is growing by leaps and bounds into a little lady!  Her birthday wish was to go squirrel hunting.  Yup - you read that right!  Squirrel hunting!  So that is what she did!  Happy 6th birthday Sweet Girl!  We love you and thank God for the miracle you are!

A Friend is Hosting a Giveaway

There are numerous blogs I follow - some are for recipes, some are for sewing and crafting, others are homesteading, while others still are for home schooling.  And then, there are the ones that I follow as an inspiration, and of course there are those that I follow because they are friends.  The blog I want to tell you about today is both of the latter two.  Alysa's blog is a great inspiration - and I am honored to call her as a friend as well!  I actually met her before I ever got saved, and it was her attitude and beliefs that helped influence my desire to get to know Christ - I wanted "what she had."  We both attended a fantastic group for young adults, that was a great time of praising God and growth.  And we both ended up marrying military men, thus "shipping us off" to different states. 

Anyways, on Alysa's blog, she is giving away a copy of "Love Without Limits: A Remarkable Story of True Love Conquering All," by Nick and Kanae Vujicic.  This is one book that I am truly looking forward to reading!!!!  Nick's story has been a true inspiration, and I think my children as well as myself would learn a lot from him!  There is a focus on how Christ has gotten them through their trials - of dating, marriage, and family life.  With all that said, I encourage you to check out her giveaway as well as her blog!  Her blog website is and to that specific blog post is