Thursday, April 14, 2016

Showing Appreciation

When is the last time you were told thank you?  As mothers, we are often not told thank you for the everyday mundane things we do, like folding laundry, scrubbing the toilet, or changing another stinky diaper.  We sometimes feel unappreciated.  Like we are taken for granted.  Like our deeds are unseen.  When was the last time you were thanked?

Perhaps more important, though, when was the last time YOU thanked someone?  Your local police?  Firemen?  Military?  EMS?  Hospital staff?  Local government officials?  Your HOA?  Day in and day out, these folks do their jobs, with little or no gratitude.  No simple expression of "thank you."  No heartfelt hug or acknowledgement of the hard work they put in for the sake of us and our families.


On the news recently has been a lot of police publicity.  Generally speaking it centers around race... which I am sure the media outlets enjoy for publicity sake.  I'm not going to get into that aspect of it... but I will remind everyone that everyday police officers are shot.  Everyday they leave their families, risk their lives, and protect us.  They put themselves in harm's way to enforce the law.  They go to crime scenes, knowing they themselves could become the next victim, to stop the criminal from harming anyone else.  Have you told them thank you lately?

Firemen enter burning buildings to rescue our loved ones and belongings.  EMS personnel go to crime scenes, burning buildings, car accidents, etc to get us to the hospital in time.  Hospital staff work crazy hours to take care of us when hurt or sick.  Our local government and HOA work relentlessly to try to met everyone's needs and best interests.  Have you told them thank you?

And then there is the military.  The brave men and women who fight to protect us.  While we are tucking our children in to bed at night, they are overseas, getting shot at, wondering if they will ever see their children again.  While we are griping about getting up for the third time that night to get the baby back to sleep, a new father is anxiously waiting to hear if his wife has birthed their baby yet, without him, as he is across the ocean in a different country.  While we are trying to get our toddler to quit getting into things, the military members are wondering if their child will recognize them after being gone for almost a year.  When is the last time you have thanked a military member?

"Thank you" is only two words.... but two words with a huge impact.  Next time someone does "their job," why don't you take the time to say those two simple words, and make their day!  It might just make your day as well.  By the way - Thank YOU!