Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rowing Peter Rabbit

For our first grader, we are using Five in a Row as his reading.  The first book we have chosen to row is "The Tale of Peter Rabbit."  What a great book on natural consequences for disobedience!  I generally like to do crafts and/or activities to go along with the books to help things stick in their minds, and because quite honestly, I just enjoy crafts :)  Our activity today was extra special.... we made a scarecrow.  But what made it really special was rather than it being an activity with momma and her kiddos, Daddy was the main contributor :)  To add to it, not only did Daddy do it with his kiddos (specifically his boys), but he leaves here shortly for another TDY.  Daddy is active duty military and about to go overseas again, here soon.  This gave his children a fond memory to cling to and something tangible to look at, that they did with him, until he returns home safely, once more.  It is things like this that make motherhood so spectacular - the everyday ordinary projects that makes your heart melt