Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yikes - December!!!

Hmmm I never did finish my Thankful Challenge - sorry :( On the same line of thinking, that means December has begun and Christmas is coming really quickly. Excited - but not :) I love this time of year - the joy and love in everyone's hearts. This is the one time of year that everyone is willing to help others and give without thinking of oneself as much. It is a special time of the year as we prepare for Christmas - the birthday of our Savior! At the same time, though, this is when stress levels sky-rocket. Between trying to stretch funds for Christmas presents, trying to fit all our obligations into an already tight schedule, trying to cook and bake, craft and sew, clean and decorate, we have a tendency to put the true reason for Christmas on the back burner.

In our family, this year, we are doing a few different Advent activities. My hope is (I said hope not promise, lol) to post each day of what we did to prepare for Christmas - for the true meaning of Christmas. The goal will be to do either a family activity or craft that prepares us for the season. Just an FYI - do not look for Santa activities or reindeer from us - we do not "do" Santa. Our focus will be on Christ and on winter. We'll see how it goes :)