Saturday, May 12, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 6

Finally have moved on, to Phase 2 of the Intro Diet.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today has gone so much more smoothly!!!!  Breakfast was kinda rough... we had more butternut squash, which my children detest, along with some roast.  To mix things up, I decided to introduce tomatoes... glorious, yummy tomatoes.  Granted, we have to eat them cooked at this point in time, but oh my!  So scrumptious!  I also get to start using herbs again :)  So for lunch I made homemade tomato rosemary soup.  And then for dinner I made fish fillets italiano.  And almost everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!  Except Katie :(  It had onions, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and italian seasoning over cod fillets :)  Oh so yummy!!!!

On a totally different note, looks like I may be involved in LCHEA again next year.  I have been asked to head up field trips and International Night again next year. I will have help though this year, which I am really excited about.  Brad has not given me the okay about it yet... so we will see :)  I am also wondering if I should put Katie is SHEEP this upcoming year.  The only problem is, it is $20 a month per class!!!!  Not sure how I am going to swing that!  But she knows so few people!  Just need to pray about it, I guess!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day... nothing special planned :(  It is hard living so far away from family around holidays - even this one.  I would love to go to Grannyma's grave site.  I miss her so much!  I know we had not lived near her for some time when she passed, but knowing she is gone is so hard!  And I know Brad's family is getting together to celebrate.  But on the flip side, how I love spending time with just my "small" immediate family <3  God has blessed us so richly!

Friday, May 11, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 5

We did it! We made it through the first phase of the introduction diet... Sorta... Most of us did really well on the diet. We finally figured out that the children need to eat some leftovers right before they go to bed. However, Lee, today, snuck some food, including a piece of gum that he swallowed, and some raisins that we're suppose to be for feeding the ladybugs. I am not sure whether we are going to let him move forward, or not :/ Today was an extremely busy day, with the preparations for International Night, which by the way, went wonderfully well (I will post about that in the near future). Due to this, we had quite a bit leftovers today. Breakfast consisted of freshly made meatballs, lunch was fish and cauliflower, and dinner was leftover soup. The kids ate more meatballs for snack before bed, too. I am amazed at how much this diet has helped Sam. She no longer swells around storms, her rash is gone, and she seems like she feels better for the most part. I am a little concerned, however, with how tired she seemed today. Lee too seems to be doing tons better. He has only lost his temper once, which has been a huge blessing. I am looking forward to seeing what else our family has in store...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 4

Wowsers! Did you realize that just about everywhere you go there is food? Soda, snacks, nuts, sweet snacks, salty snacks.... EVERYWHERE! While I tried not to be tempted I found myself disgusted that we as a nation have gotten that lazy. Yes, I realize that our lives are busy - come on now I have five kiddos that I stay home with and homeschool - but are we really that dependent that when we go into a store, we need to have food available at all times? We are on day four of our diet, and for the most part it is going well. The kids are still having crashing blood sugars in the morning though, so we are trying to figure out how to deal with that. Breakfast consisted of some cauliflower, chicken, and ghee. Yummy :). In fact, I had the same for lunch. This afternoon, after lunch, we ran some errands. First we headed to Staples for some stuff we needed for International Night. As we were checking out, the kids started making comments about the yummy looking snacks. Now keep in mind, our family has been gluten free and organic for over three years now... That means snack bags are virtually out of the question... Yet here they were, drooling over bags of chips and pork rinds (ewwwww) that have more air and preservatives in them than actual food. Next we headed to Target. Here we knew we were going to see food. So I was smart. I just took Katie in with me while Brad stayed with the rest of the kids. Ummmmm yeah...... You walk in and get bombarded with the buttery scent of popcorn. Then there are aisles and aisles of junk.... Processed packages galore. The sad thing is I was having an internal battle. Part of me was thinking how disgusting all that packaged food really is, with little or no nutritional value. The other part of me was excited that it was not boiled veggies or meats :) Then we headed to go pick up our CSA. Yummy! Unfortunately everything we got has to be boiled if I want to consume it I bathe next week, but still... We got yummy peas, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, etc. Dinner was definitely interesting. I made a broccoli and beef soup. Sounds yummy, right!?!? I took beef broth, fish stock, water, garlic, two pounds of broccoli, and about two pounds of roast and boiled it. Then I took the roast out, puréed the mixture, cut up the roast and added it back in. Doesn't sound quite as appetizing now, does it? But in all honesty, it was not bad. Anyways, after dinner, we had to head to AC Moore and then the Dollar Tree. What did we see? More food! Poor Sam has done great over the last few days and had not complained about being hungry at all... Yet today, after seeing aisles and aisles of food, she suddenly wanted it all. It dawned on me today how we have taught our children to be hungry based on what they see that they want to eat, rather than on our bodies telling us we are hungry. We eat because it is available, it is time to, or because we want it... Not because our body needs the nutrients the food has to offer. We started this diet to help Sam... But it is doing so much more than just helping her! I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us as we continue down this journey!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 3

Yay! Another day is one :) today had its ups and downs... Our perpetual chicken broth ended up tasting really watered down, so our butternut squash soup this morning didn't taste nearly as yummy. I was able to force it down, however poor Will and Katie were not. Just an FYI - it looks the same coming up as it does going down, lol. We went ahead and gave the kiddos another spoon of applesauce today. It really is not suppose to be allowed yet, but I can not handle the fears of my milk drying up, and the kids being sick because their blood sugars plummet. The kids ended up taking nice naps after breakfast, giving us some time to get some stuff done. Katie and I are working diligently on her International Night project, which I will post more about on a different day :) Lunch was one of the kiddos' favorites... Boiled carrots with some ghee. Yup that is right - no ghee sensitivities here, thank goodness. Last night, worrying about the results of the ghee skinn sensitivity test was rough! But even Ben passed :) Dinner was really good too... We had boiled steaks and cauliflower with ghee, along with a dill pickle. Katie was not crazy about the pickle... It was naturally fermented with herbs and salt... And left on the counter for the last three days. Sour it definitely was!!! But honestly, it wasn't too bad. We decided to start some more stocks today. The watered down chicken broth went into quart jars into the fridge to use at a later date. We started a new batch tonight to cook in the slow cooker. We also started some fish stock. I am kinda weary of trying it... But it is supposedly super good for us, and besides that, the fish (red snapper) tastes really yummy. The poor kiddos keep asking me when they can have various foods... Especially fresh veggies and fruits, including salads. Katie and I actually went down a list of some of the foods miss, like lasagna, salad, fruit, ice exam, mashed potatoes, cheese, etc. I think Brad was getting a little frustrated.. He really wanted a chocolate ice cream cone. All in all, we honestly are not doing that bad :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 2

Another day is coming to a close.  Today was kinda rough.  Will was terribly sick this morning - it is still debatable of whether he was fighting a quick stomach bug, it was due to ketosis, or he just did not eat enough yesterday since he did not like it.  Hard to tell!  Breakfast consisted of meat patties with a pureed carrot and cauliflower broth, and some chicken broth.  This was actually pretty good.  It was like eating plain hamburgers or meatballs, basically.  I could have gone for some horseradish, mustard, or worcestershire sauce, but all in all, not bad :)  Lunch was suppose to be an onion and leek soup.  Sadly, this did not happen.  The canned chicken broth we used for it tasted off, so it went down the drain.  Brad and I both started having headaches, nauseousness, and feelings of lightheadedness and exhausted.  Sooo we decided to step off the regimen for a moment, and get a tablespoon of homemade unsweetened applesauce.  This actually seemed to help a little, thank goodness!  I am really trying not to dry up in this process!  Speaking of which, Ben did really well eating his broth today <3  Dinner is going to consist of more broth, meat strips, and cooked butternut squash.

This afternoon/evening we dropped off the foods and spices we cleaned out of our pantry.  It was kind of hard and emotional doing this, lol.  I just kept thinking of all the money behind the items, and even more so, the joy of all of us as we sat around enjoying those items.  But truth be known, it was either give it away, or throw it away, so I'm glad to know that other families are going to enjoy the items!

Monday, May 7, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 1

Today was our first day on the GAPS Diet... I must admit, I think I had a naive outlook on what I thought it was going to look like. I had the silly notion that since our family eats comparatively healthy, the switch to this more strict diet would be difficult, but doable. Oh. My. Word! Let me try to explain... For those unfamiliar with this diet, the general purpose is to heal the intestinal tract while discovering any food allergies or intolerances, in the hopes of better overall health. Sam is our main reason for undertaking this diet. Due to her extensive list of issues, we decided to start with the intro diet, which is a little more strict than the full diet. The intro diet has six stages, with more foods being added each stage. Right now we may eat homemade broths, boiled meats, boiled carrots, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and leeks, fermented sauerkraut juice, garlic, and water. So today's menu consisted of chicken broth, squash soup, boiled broccoli and boiled onions. Yup. That is it! Needless to say, my kiddos are not happy!!! I keep telling myself, that if this helps Sam, though, it will all be worth it in the end. I must admit, though, I am hungry! As far as side effects, we have not had too many, yet, other than feeling hungry. Brad is fighting a headache, and Katie and I are starting to get one. Apparently days two and three are often times the worst days. I kind of wonder, though, if Lee was not going through some detoxing earlier today. He was kinda Jekyll and Hyde. I guess time will tell. On a high note, Ben got to start food today as well. We had planned on waiting until he wash year, but we decided he is close enough and that this was the best time to start him... So he got some chicken broth today and seemed to love it. All it had in it was chicken, celery, water, onions, garlic, peppercorns, bay leaves, and parsley. I guess I can assume if all goes well, that he is not allergic to any of those foods :)
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