Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Geography - Russia

This year, up until at least our Thanksgiving break, we are studying some of the countries of Asia and Africa.  We started with Russia, since it is both part of Europe (which we studied last year) and Asia.  It has been a pretty good journey, looking at some different aspects.

Some of the activities for the week included:
- finding Russia on our large wall map
- Coloring pictures of the country
- Coloring the flag
- Looking at the Russian alphabets and some common words and phrases in Russian
- Writing our names in Russian

- Learning about babushkas
- Looking at St Basil's Cathedral
- Learning about Faberge Eggs
- Cutting out and decorating paper eggs

- Learning about the North European Plains, the Kamchatka Peninsula, and Vasyugan Swamp
- Learning about ballet
- Mading paper Matryoshka dolls

- Watching the Nutcracker Ballet
- Preparing and eating some YUMMY Russian foods


  1. Chicken Kiev is my favorite meal ever! Also, love those dolls. Wish I could enroll in the Hudson School. :)


    1. Thanks Colleen! I truly enjoy making the foods from other cultures! I need to post some more on here... perhaps later this week. Miss you!