Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hudsons Head West - Part 3 - Ingalls Homestead continued

After taking a nursing break to feed the infant, we headed to Ma's Little House.  What a sweet sweet house!
All the kids tried out the washing board and wringer, then hung up the towel that washed.  Now they all want one... I'm guessing if it became an actual chore, they wouldn't be so eager ;)

Here is how they stored the quilts they were making while in process.  I'm thinking Brad needs to make me one, lol.

This was bought for Mary by Pa and Laura while Mary was in School for the Blind.

After making a craft of a button toy, the group of us, which included ourselves and two other homeschooling families (how neat is that - that we were all there that day!!!), went to visit the school.  To get there, we climbed into the horse drawn wagon.  Each of the older kiddos got to drive the team.  What fun!  Our older four children drove on the way back from the school.

LOL - this is what he looks like at home during school as well ;)

Hmmmm my child wanted a picture of the working outhouse...

The school

Once back to the main part of the homestead, we went over to the livestock barn, and took some time petting the ponies, and getting some rides.

Upstairs of the livestock barn was another "museum."

We also headed over to Flindt's Garage.  There they had different stations set up for the kids to try.  There was an old mill for grinding flour, a rope making station, and a corn cob doll creating station.

This machine knocks the dried corn off the cobs so they can make the corn cob dolls.

This is the one end of the rope making machine.  By turning the handle, it twists the straw.  Another person on the other end is holding that end taunt so that it twists up and holds, making a rope.
Here is our oldest holding the rope taunt.

Our last stop, before leaving, was a walk to see the old church.  This small church is actually still in use today.  

What an incredible trip to The Ingalls Homestead.  I HIGHLY recommend anyone who travels to the De Smet South Dakota area, to visit the homestead for a fascinating look into the past!

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  1. now I want to go there more than I did before! I didn't realize it would be so hands-on have so much more to do there and just see the home and the school and what not!