Saturday, August 27, 2016

Going Down Memory Lane

Our family is in a time of transition, getting ready to move to our forever home :)  As such, we are going through many of our items and purging.  In doing so, we are coming across items that we have saved (and will continue to do so!) over the years.  Some of these items are clothing...  I thought I would share a few pictures with you :)

Part of my mom's side of the family is Amish... yes as in horse and buggy, no electric, old order Amish.  When I was pregnant with my oldest, my cousin made my daughter a beautiful Amish dress.  I absolutely treasure this dress.  Here is E in it:

These next two outfits are ones I wore as an infant.  I'm pretty sure the purple one matched my mom's bridesmaid's dress.... I think, hahaha.  The other, I want to say was my going home dress, but it seems pretty big for that, so I'm not positive.  In any case, my mom had saved both dresses for me, and I love thinking about that, seeing E in them.

This last outfit is actually one that I made for W9 and L10 back in 2009. I had made them when we went to Disney with my best friend and her family.  I'm pretty sure they wore their outfits for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  Anyways, here is B5 in the Prince Charming outfit :)

And that is all for Memory Lane for today ;)  Anyone else this sentimental or is it just me???

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