Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Update

Oh what a week it has been! We finally made it back to church this past Sunday after about four months of not attending! It as so incredible to finally be in the House of the Lord with fellow believers and praise our Creator and Savior! The kids were so excited about going that we were done in record timing and were there early :) As long as things are good tonight, we will be heading back there tomorrow :) That evening, however, S fell on her head - twice. The first time, her older brother L pulled a blanket from under her feet :( The second time, she had stood up on the couch and her leg gave out and down she went. She fell down the steps on Monday due to her legs giving out, and again on Thursday. The neurologist has decided that it would be best if we do not let her go up and down the stairs on her own - so now we get the joy of untraining her :( We had spent so much time teaching her to walk independently up and down the steps again, that it is quite frustrating to have to prohibit it now. On a really good note, it seems that her fevers have subsided. We are wondering if it has to do with the fact that we have become incredibly strict on not allowing her to eat anything with gluten! We had become more relaxed with this when she was hospitalized and afterwards, due to the constant driving to and from appointments. This possible connection will be addressed with either her neurologist or rheumotologist here soon!

This week wasn't too bad for appointments, thankfully. Monday S had her initial evaluation with the speech therapist. It went really well and S seemed to work really well with her. We also had our chiropractor appointment - oh how we love going to see her!!! Then on Tuesday we got to stay home and go nowhere - hallelujah!!! LOVE days like that, especially when they are so incredibly infrequent! Wednesday, on the other hand was seriously busy! We had a 9 AM chiropractor appointment, then an 11 AM occupational therapy appointment. At 2 PM I had an OB appointment. I got to see my favorite of the OBs in the clinic and he reassured me that I can have a natural VBAC :) After the appointment, I had to do the hour long glucose tolerance test - bleck! Thursday was S's physical therapy appointment. Also that day, however, dh went back to the neurosurgeon. He wants to do a disc removal to his back - to where they would remove part of the herniated disc, along with part of the vertebrae... sooooo.... we are going to get a second opinion! Then on Friday we went and saw the chiropractor again.

Also on Friday, we went shopping at Earth Fare. Oh my goodness were we excited!!! They give a 10% military discount!!! This is HUGE for us, as our grocery budget is so high! They also give a 10% discount if you buy a case of chicken breasts, so on our chicken, we actually ended up getting a 20% discount! That evening we had company over for dinner. About thirty minutes before they got here, I had to take L to urgent care. W had went to hit K with a lid to one of the containers that slide under the bed, but instead hit L in the face, busting the top of his nose open. After not being able to get is to stop bleeding, and seeing how deep it was, I took him in. Two stitches later, we were good to go. I was so incredibly proud of how well L stayed still for them to stitch him!!! By the time we got home, our company was already here. What a great night of fellowship that followed! We did learn some hard to digest news, but we are leaving that in God's hands!

Today we worked on our garage. We only have a one-car garage and it is basically used as a storage unit. We borrowed a friend's truck and took a load of stuff to the ReStore store and then the rest to Goodwill. Then there was a load to the dump. We headed over to Home Depot and bought an almost 15 cu.ft. freezer. Hoping to pick up our chicken order next weekend :) The only down side of everything we did today is that now I am having some MAJOR MAJOR contractions! So now I am trying to "chill" and get them to subside!

If all goes well, I'll post again tomorrow of our week's plans for school :)

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