Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Disclosing too much?

Yesterday my children and I went to our favorite local grocery store - Publix. Love that it is so close. I love EarthFare more, but it is not so local, lol. Anyways, for those who have never been to Publix, part of their "charm" is that the baggers will push out your cart for you. During the evening hours, when there are sooooo many people in and out of the store, I enjoy the extra help, as I am trying to get in and out with my five kiddos :) Anyways, it was there we went last night :)

As I was checking out, I asked our bagger how he was doing, as a common courtesy. His response was good but that he was also worried and stressed. I told him I was sorry. Apparently I looked like a friendly ear, because he then proceeded to tell me that he was not going to be celebrating Valentine's Day on the actual day, but rather a couple weeks later. He is instead going to wait for his tax return (he had three W-2s due to working three jobs) and is going to buy his girlfriend a promise ring. I told him that was nice, and paid the cashier. At this, the bagger started pushing my cart out and informed me of his and his girlfriend's past. I learned more about my bagger's past than I do about some of my friends' pasts!!!

So what is my point? How often do we turn to people, including complete strangers, because something is weighing so heavily on our hearts? If I am stressed about something, there are a handful of people I call, depending on the concern. What I should be doing, however, is turning to God in prayer! He already knows what is going on, and I can pour my heart out without offending someone, getting bad advice, spreading gossip, or talking ill of someone! What a wake up call!

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