Monday, March 4, 2013

Charleston Tea Plantation

A small group of home schoolers, including our family, decided a field trip to the Charleston Tea Plantation was a must!  This tea plantation is the only one in the United States!  

 After going with our friends, the children decided their daddy, who was TDY at during our first field trip, simply must go with us.  So off we went again!!!

The first part of the tour is free and is inside the factory.

Then we walked around outside for a little while, before our trolley ride.

Then we started the trolley ride to see the rest of the plantation.  Only the tops of the bushes are harvested for tea.

Some of the blooms off the tea plants that the trolley guide passed around.

This is where new plants are being started.

If you ever make it to the Charleston area, in the Summer or early Fall especially, try to make plans to go and see the Charleston Tea Plantation!  You will not find anything else like it throughout the United States!  I can assure you we will be going back again!!!

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