Friday, November 7, 2014

30 Days of Thansgiving - Day 7

We got to spend today outside, in the fresh air, at one of our favorite yearly field trips, as a family.  Could anything be better!?!?  It was an absolutely wonderful day!

- Having the opportunity to watch K11 ride a horse
- Hubby had an extra day off <3 p="">- Spent the day as a family
- Spent time with some incredible friends
- Learned a TON from re-enactors that were completely in character today!
- L8 requested for our family to become re-enactors... his joy when it comes to history is incredibly invigorating!
- Being able to go on a field trip that brings history alive!
- Having the opportunity to watch a pair of sisters give a Sweetgrass Basket demonstration
- Sweet gentlemen that blessed our middle four children with confederate hats
- Stopping by Hobby Lobby to discover they were having a large sale!
- Stopping by friends and being blessed with lots of pie pumpkins
- Coming home to hot chili
- Plans of going to bed early :)

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