Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Recap

Merry Christmas!

It has been awhile since I have posted any blog posts... I had considered giving it up, with the busy-ness in our lives.  But as I reflected on how much has happened this past year, I realize how much I have missed by not writing about it... how much has faded from my memory.  See, this blog is intended to capture the everyday blessings that happen in our lives... and all I really remember are the major events.  So I guess it is those events I will post here....

Our year started with finding out we were expecting another little one.  Having had surgery in September, there was some concern about being pregnant again so soon, but we knew God would provide!  We also celebrated S6's birthday.... with a squirrel hunting trip!

February and March we focused on our garden and chickens.  It was our first time planting garlic and potatoes.  And honestly, it would be our first time having a really productive Spring garden!

April was a FULL month, between Easter, a trip to the zoo for my birthday, strawberry picking, and keeping up with the garden and chickens.

made and decorated by K12

made and decorated by K12

May was full as well, between the chickens and garden, a trip to a horse rescue with friends, another trip to the zoo, a fishing trip, and celebrating W8's and B4's birthdays.

W8's cake - made and decorated by K12

B4's cake - made and decorated by K12

June was a month full of packing!  Our chickens went to live at a friend's and our belongings were packed into boxes.  We did go on one field trip to Charlestowne Landing, though.  We also celebrated my hubby's birthday as well as A2's.

both cakes were made and decorated by K12

The beginning of July, we moved.  We spent the rest of the month getting our house ready to put on the market.  We also kept up with picking the garden :)

August - what a month!  There was blueberry and peach picking... and eating, and canning, and freezing, and... well you get the idea.  We also celebrated the birth of E and K12's birthday.

September was a month of adjustments!  Somehow I always forget what the first few months are like with a newborn!  K12 made herself a cake for her birthday, which is the 31st of August.  We did manage a trip... a loooooooong trip.... to get apples... to can, cook, and eat :)

October was more quiet... we finished processing apples, and went to the Corn Maze with dear friends.

In November we went to the fair... for the first time!!!!  We had the opportunity to listen to the Willis Clan, which was A LOT of fun!

And December - it was a time of preparation for our Christmas celebration :)  We made another trip to the zoo, celebrated L10's birthday, went to the Festival of Lights, went to a Live Nativity, went to Mepkin Abbey to the Creche Festival, and enjoyed a Blessed Christmas!

Now it is time to prepare for 2016...

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