Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Goals

With the coming of a New Year, posts of New Years Resolutions fill my inbox and blog feed.  Due to my dismal failures in the past to obtain my own personal resolutions, I sadly gave them up, years ago.  With that said, I do try to write out my goals within the first month of a new year though.  Some are lofty goals with little chance of obtaining them, while others are more realistic.  They all help me to grow, however, to become the person I believe God desires me to become.  So here are 2016 goals....

2016 Goals

-       Family Goals
o   Weekly Friday night Game Night
o   Monthly movie night (Disney themed?) complete with themed food and activities
-       Spiritual Goals
o   Nightly Family Bible time
o   Daily time with God
o   Complete 3+ Bible Studies, starting with “Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit”
-       Health Goals
o   Using herbs and essential oils, along with food and exercise, work to obtain better health
o   Complete 5 courses on GNOWFGLINS
o   Complete half of the Vintage Remedies Master Herbalist certificate course
-       School Goals
o   1-2 monthly field trips
o   Complete unit studies with the children
§  K12 – horses
§  S6 – cats
§  W8 – birds
§  L10 – George Washington
-       Farmgirl Goals
o   Put in for at least one badge every month
o   Write a snail mail letter to a fellow Farmgirl once a week
o   Participate on the forum at least 5 out of 7 days a week
-       Homesteading Goals
o   Research breeds of animals
o   Research what species of veggies, fruits, and herbs survive in Zone 4
-       Crafting Goals
o   Monthly Christmas ornament
o   Monthly crocheted themed dishcloth (crochet)
o   Bi-monthly Gingerbread house creation (plastic canvas)

o   Make one Christmas present each month

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