Sunday, March 13, 2016

February ReCap

February was an extremely difficult month for us!  Our 2 yo went through a very painful traumatic experience.  Without going into too many details, let me just say that our God is faithful, merciful and loving!  He never ceases to amaze me!!!

Also in February, my hubby was gone for a week, we celebrated Valentine's Day, and we managed to go on a field trip with dear friends of ours, to the Above and Beyond Exhibit (post coming).

Anyone who knows me, and probably many who have read my blog, know that often times I will express my love through food.  Valentine's Day is no different.  K12 made a yummy two layer cake with cream and strawberries in the middle.  And me - I made our traditional Valentine's chicken parmesan with heart shaped pepperoni and pasta.  Yummy :)

As for my goals... ugh!  I never stick with resolutions, but usually do - or at least did - pretty well keeping up with them and reaching them!  Not so much, thus far this year!

Family goals - fail!  We still have not started having family game night or monthly movie night!  I think my goal for March needs to be to have ONE family game night!!! I figured that is a good place to start ;)

Spiritual goals - not going well.  I need to e-mail my "partner in crime" that I am doing the Bible study with, and see if we can get back on track!

Health Goals - I am slowly working on this one, though progress is slow, at best.  For my Vintage Remedies course, I am still working on the micronutrients unit... There is something intimidating about learning all the various vitamins and minerals!

School Goals - We managed one field trip in February, but we still haven't really worked on the unit studies.  W8 has been looking up chicken breeds, though, so that is sorta birds ;)  K12 has been studying about herbs rather than horses right now.  She also has been learning about fossils, and made her own mold and cast.  In history, we have studied more in depth the Jamestown settlement.

Farmgirl Goals - fail!  I never applied for any badges, nor did I write any letters, or even post on the forums consistently the second half of the month.  I did participate in a swap... Here are a couple of my creations.

Lavender filled heart

Embroidered bookmarks, that go on the corner of the page.

Homesteading goals - this has been a fun topic of discussion!  The children and I are enjoying dreaming!  While studying health issues, we are learning more towards NOT having pigs or rabbits...

Crafting goals - the goal was half met.  No gingerbread house or Christmas gifts were made, however, I DID get a washcloth crocheted as well as an ornament :)

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