Monday, January 16, 2017

BFIAR - The Snowy Day

As we continue through books centering around snow and cold, I decided to look at The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, with the children.  This is a lovely book about a little boy who enjoys a day of fun in the snow.  We tried to keep our activities for this book centered around snow, without the extra "rabbit trails."

Some of our activities included: (Sorry - I didn't do so well taking pictures this week!)
  • Make a picture/chart of what to do on a snowy day

  • Build a snowman with stuff around the house

  • Make snow dough snowmen (2 containers of cornstarch mixed with one can of shaving cream)

  • Used tongs to move "snowballs" (cottonballs)
  • Melting ice experiment (Does ice melt faster on salt, on aluminum foil, on paper, or nothing?)
  • Make snow covered trees (I drew an outline of a tree in pencil on blue construction paper. I then let the children pain it white, then sprinkle iridescent white glitter on top)
  • Looked at winter storms
  • Art with snow paint (equal amounts of glue and shaving cream)
  • Created Cause and Effect Snowmen (My snowman melted because...)
  • Use Q-tips dipped in white paint to make a snowman picture

Our extra books for the week included:

For our weekly themed meal, we ate a Mashed Potatoes Covered Meatloaf Snowman :)

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