Friday, August 25, 2017

2017-2018 6th Grade Curriculum Choices

My oldest son is starting 6th grade this year... not sure if that is considered Middle School or Elementary School out here.... but around our house it is considered the last year of Elementary.
This means it is his last year of doing the same science as his siblings... And he is going to have to start working more independently next year.  So this year, we will be spending some time working on his independence and responsibility... well more than normal I should say.

6th Grade Curriculum Choices:
BibleApologia What We Believe Series - This year we are starting with Volume 2, Who am I?
Literature: Prairie Primer, with lots of other stuff added
WritingShurley English, Level 5
SpellingAll About Spelling, Level 5 & 6
ScienceApologia - Zoology I
Math: Math-U-See - Epsilon
Geography: Finishing up Asia and then starting Europe, hopefully in January
HistoryMystery of History Volume 4 and Time Travelers for more in depth on the wars
Civics: Amanda Bennett's American Government Unit Study with more added :)
Other: Still hoping to add Guitar and Hunting/Trapping
Extracurricular Activities: Homeschool group and 4-H

Right now he still isn't quite sure what he wants to do when he is older, which is okay with us.  He still has lots of time!!!  He is interested in Engineering as well as possibly some type of wildlife rescue work.  I do not know enough about engineering to know if there is a way to combine the two loves.  I'm also not sure how we would direct his path for schooling for either of these interests, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!!!

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