Saturday, August 19, 2017

2017-2018 9th Grade Curriculum

As our new year of school begins, all of our excitement rises!  While we technically school year round, the Fall always introduces new curriculum, with extras added in that we were not doing in the Summer.  It is hard to believe my oldest is in High School this year!  Her enthusiasm for school and desire to learn is unsurpassed!  I always give her an option in what she wants to spend the year focusing on, and more often than not I have to try to reign her back a little!  This year was no different, as she wanted to learn THREE foreign languages!  She had planned to do all three, all year long!  So far I have her convinced to narrow it down to two!

9th Grade Curriculum Choices:
Bible: Apologia What We Believe Series - This year we are starting with Volume 2, Who am I?
Literature: Excellence in Literature - Literature and Composition
Writing: Institute of Excellence in Writing, finishing Continuation Course Level B, and then Elegant Essays and Speech Boot Camp
Grammar: Fix It Grammar, Book 4
Spelling: Phonics Zoo Level B and C
Science: Apologia - Biology
Math: Math-U-See - Geometry
Geography: Finishing up Asia and then starting Europe, hopefully in January
History: Mystery of History Volume 4 and Time Travelers for more in depth on the wars
Civics: Amanda Bennett's American Government Unit Study with more added :)
Foreign Language: Spanish - CD courses, German - CD courses
Other: Still hoping to add Keyboard and Horse Riding Lessons
Extracurricular Activities: Homeschool group, Teen Bible Study, and 4-H

In addition to all of that, she also plans to focus more on her baking.  She has been working on refining her designs with fondant, and wants to take a Wilton Cake decorating class (or five) through Joanns.

It will be a busy school year for her, with lots of activities.  As she narrows down her dreams more, I'm hoping to curtail her school more towards those.  Right now she wants to be a doctor that writes and has a baking business :)