Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Strawberry Yumminess!

With springtime comes the delicious harvest of strawberries!!!  I'm not sure there is anything else that screams spring around here quite as much!  This season, we were blessed to go strawberry picking twice.  The first time the entire family went, and the second time we went with out my hubby, but with another momma and her three darlings.

Between the two trips, we picked 14 baskets of strawberries - which equivocates to about 56 pounds of strawberries!

What in the world have we done with 56 pounds of strawberries you may be wondering.... well preserved them of course!  We have quarts of frozen strawberries, bags of dehydrated strawberry "chips," half pints of delicious strawberry vanilla sauce, pints of strawberry lemonade concentrate, and pints of strawberry jam!  Of course, we also ate gobs and gobs of strawberries, between a delightful strawberry cake, a strawberry trifle, strawberry shortcake, strawberry yogurt parfaits, smoothies, and fruit salad!  I think we are going to miss eating them when they go out of season over the next week or two, but thankfully, we have preserved some of that fresh yummy flavor!