Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Geography - France

Oh what fun we had "traveling" to France this year!  We spent five weeks getting a quick glimpse at this beautiful country!  We again used Amanda Bennett's unit study, along with Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler, and numerous other sites from the web.  Here is how our five weeks broke down...

Week 1: Paris and Northeast France
- we stamped our passports
- found the country on the map
- watched some videos of the countryside and ski-joering
- Looked at the Louvre
- Worked on counting to ten
- Looked art the Arc de Triomphe
- Examined a child's life in France
- Looked at Champs-Elsees
- Studied beavers
- Looked at the Eiffel Tower
- Made a 3-D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower
- Looked at French mealtimes
- Learned about crepes and pain au chocolat
- Made Beef Short Ribs with mashed potatoes

Week 2: Central France
- Looked at Burgandy France, the Alps, Seine River, and Lyon France
- Studied about Monet
- Painted a picture
- Looked at Fourviere Hill
- Worked on the alphabet
- Looked at Lyon Cathedral
- Looked at how perfume is made
- Looked at Chapelle St Michel d'Aiguilhe
- Studied about the chamois
- Looked at the interpol
- Learned about Croque Monsieur, and truffles

Week 3: Southern France
- Looked at Nice and Provence, Gulf of Lyon, Mediterranean Sea, Corsica, and French Food Market in Nice
- Looked at Gorges du Verdon
- Worked on colors in French
- Looked at the Roman Theater of Orange
- Studied sunflowers and completed a sunflower craft
- Looked at Pont du Gard
- Studied camargue horses
- Studied how to make cheese and some of the different types of french cheeses
- Taste tested some different french cheeses
- Made steak frites (super super yummy!)

Week 4: Southwest France
- Looked at the Villages of Quercy, Gascony, Garonne and Lot Rivers, Pyrenes Mountains, and the Bay of Biscay
- Colored the flag
- Looked at Bordeaux
- Worked on common words and phrases
- Looked at Chartres Cathedral
- Made "stained glass windows" with paper
- Looked at Carcassonne Castle
- Studied flamingoes
- Looked at Limoges
- Learned how to make soufflé and quiche

Week 5: Western France
- Looked at Normandy, Cotentin Peninsula, Brittany Peninsula, and Rouen
- Listened to the National Anthem
- Looked at the White Cliffs
- Looked at Mont-Saint-Michel
- Made homemade soap
- Looked at Chateau de Caen
- Learned about nutrias
- Looked at Chateau de Chambord
- Learned about making baguettes and cassoulets
- Finished up our lap books

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