Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Challenge - Day 7

Some of the things I am thankful for may sound weird to some people, but.... well..... what can I say :)

- My middle son, W, had nightmares last night.... might sound weird to be thankful for this, but he had them due to a guilty conscience!
- Me being a light sleeper - weird again, but due to this I was able to hear my infant covering his face with his blanket and choking on it
- Getting up at 7 - this gave me time to get more accomplished today
- A good day of school for all three older kiddos
- my youngest daughter loving to pray before we start school
- sweet conversations on the phone this morning
- feeling normal... or that someone else is weird along with me :)
- sweet smiles from my baby boy, even when his temperature has risen and he is obviously not feeling well
- an enjoyable visit with a friend
- the opportunity to serve and encourage others
- serving a God that hears our prayers and knows our inner thoughts
- a hubby that has integrity and the welfare of his family and the desire to please God as his priority

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