Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankful Challenge - Days 10 & 11

Lazy or crazy? Hmmm not sure which one describes me right now, but either way I never got on here yesterday to write my blog. So sorry :( So here is a combined list :)

- infant giggles as he plays with his brother :)
- my 4 yo trying to help around the house doing "chores"
- temps being gone for my 2 yo and 6 yo
- getting things pretty much figured out for a HUGE field trip (298 people ages 5 and older!)
- said field trip going relatively well
- enjoying the company of friends during said field trip
- the joy in my children's voices as they told their grandparents all about their day
- my oldest obeying what we requested of her even when her friends suggested the opposite (nothing bad even.... but she was told not to run at one point and when her friend wanted to go run, she told them she couldn't, and then later all the kiddos were told not to touch some things and a different friend, after looking at some items, offered something to Katie to look at and "finger" and she said she couldn't)
- yummy yummy baked potato soup
- the feel of the crisp cool air - LOVE the Fall!
- knowing that many of our friends hold our same values

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