Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Challenge - Days 12 & 13

What a BUSY last few days! Whew!!!! Here is my grateful list for the last couple of days:

- baby babbling
- children's imaginations
- the beautiful Fall colors
- crisp cooler weather
- the sound of Sam playing with Ben
- Hearing "luv momma" from Sam - anyone knowing Sam knows this is HUGE!!!
- tightly squeezing hugs
- the way Sam is a little mommy to all her babies
- that Sam names ALL her babies "Ben"
- being fever free
- sleeping in until 8
- gluten free cake mixes since I forgot I needed to make one and didn't have time to make one from scratch
- celebrating the third birthday of a cute little girl of a friend
- seeing friends we have not talked with for awhile
- leftovers in the fridge so I didn't have to make dinner
- an early bed time (I'm talking 9 PM!!!!!!)
- the assurance of Salvation - including for Katie
- a pastor that will take the time to talk for an hour to our daughter!
- Will's desires to be in "big church" rather than children's church
- being convicted by the Holy Spirit during church
- picnics after church with other believers
- watching Ben discovering (and eating) his toes
- watching Brad play with the kiddos
- dinner in a crockpot

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