Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 3

Yay! Another day is one :) today had its ups and downs... Our perpetual chicken broth ended up tasting really watered down, so our butternut squash soup this morning didn't taste nearly as yummy. I was able to force it down, however poor Will and Katie were not. Just an FYI - it looks the same coming up as it does going down, lol. We went ahead and gave the kiddos another spoon of applesauce today. It really is not suppose to be allowed yet, but I can not handle the fears of my milk drying up, and the kids being sick because their blood sugars plummet. The kids ended up taking nice naps after breakfast, giving us some time to get some stuff done. Katie and I are working diligently on her International Night project, which I will post more about on a different day :) Lunch was one of the kiddos' favorites... Boiled carrots with some ghee. Yup that is right - no ghee sensitivities here, thank goodness. Last night, worrying about the results of the ghee skinn sensitivity test was rough! But even Ben passed :) Dinner was really good too... We had boiled steaks and cauliflower with ghee, along with a dill pickle. Katie was not crazy about the pickle... It was naturally fermented with herbs and salt... And left on the counter for the last three days. Sour it definitely was!!! But honestly, it wasn't too bad. We decided to start some more stocks today. The watered down chicken broth went into quart jars into the fridge to use at a later date. We started a new batch tonight to cook in the slow cooker. We also started some fish stock. I am kinda weary of trying it... But it is supposedly super good for us, and besides that, the fish (red snapper) tastes really yummy. The poor kiddos keep asking me when they can have various foods... Especially fresh veggies and fruits, including salads. Katie and I actually went down a list of some of the foods miss, like lasagna, salad, fruit, ice exam, mashed potatoes, cheese, etc. I think Brad was getting a little frustrated.. He really wanted a chocolate ice cream cone. All in all, we honestly are not doing that bad :)

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