Tuesday, May 8, 2012

GAPS Diet - Day 2

Another day is coming to a close.  Today was kinda rough.  Will was terribly sick this morning - it is still debatable of whether he was fighting a quick stomach bug, it was due to ketosis, or he just did not eat enough yesterday since he did not like it.  Hard to tell!  Breakfast consisted of meat patties with a pureed carrot and cauliflower broth, and some chicken broth.  This was actually pretty good.  It was like eating plain hamburgers or meatballs, basically.  I could have gone for some horseradish, mustard, or worcestershire sauce, but all in all, not bad :)  Lunch was suppose to be an onion and leek soup.  Sadly, this did not happen.  The canned chicken broth we used for it tasted off, so it went down the drain.  Brad and I both started having headaches, nauseousness, and feelings of lightheadedness and exhausted.  Sooo we decided to step off the regimen for a moment, and get a tablespoon of homemade unsweetened applesauce.  This actually seemed to help a little, thank goodness!  I am really trying not to dry up in this process!  Speaking of which, Ben did really well eating his broth today <3  Dinner is going to consist of more broth, meat strips, and cooked butternut squash.

This afternoon/evening we dropped off the foods and spices we cleaned out of our pantry.  It was kind of hard and emotional doing this, lol.  I just kept thinking of all the money behind the items, and even more so, the joy of all of us as we sat around enjoying those items.  But truth be known, it was either give it away, or throw it away, so I'm glad to know that other families are going to enjoy the items!

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