Sunday, April 28, 2013

FIAR - Madeline

Madeline, by Ludwig Bemelmans, was not one of our favorite books :(  My 7 yo DS just could not get into it at all.  He kept saying it didn't make sense, and he couldn't understand WHY the other little girls would want surgery too.  How do you argue with that kind of logic? We spent two weeks on the book, but it was a looooong two weeks!  If anyone has any suggestions that might make it more interesting, I would LOVE to hear them, as I still have two younger children, with a third on the way!

Week 1:
- Read book daily
- Studied France
- Made a paper daisy arrangement
- Planted flower seeds and bulbs
- Made a list of ways we can help others
- Looked at the rhyming and repetition in the book
- Discussed clocks
- Went for a walk at 0930 :)
- Looked at grouping

Week 2:
- Read book daily
- Looked at sizes - smallest to biggest
- Made Madeline craft
- Colored two copies of the Eiffel Tower - one monochromatic and the other full color palette
- Looked at symmetry
- Looked at healthy habits
- Studied simple anatomy/body parts

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