Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Girl - Kirsten

Kirsten was such a fun series to read for K10!  Learning about different cultures always intrigues her, and learning about Sweden did not disappoint!

Week 1:
Read book
Made a rag doll
Loked at a wall atlas and traced her journey
Researched cholera and wrote an essay regarding it - we also watched this short video
Food: Fish, potatoes, peas, and a berry tart (not pictured)

Week 2:
Read book
Made yarn dolls
Researched "Dakota Indians" and wrote an essay
Worked on a patchwork pillow
Food: Pork sausage patties, hard boiled eggs, and Swedish rice porridge

Week 3:
Read book
Made a Midsummer wreath
Started a braided mat
Studied St. Lucia's Day - watched this video
Food: St. Lucia rolls/buns, hot chocolate, Swedish meatballs

Week 4:
Read book
Made a quilted potholder
Researched tornadoes - this project is FUN!
Researched care for kittens - watched this video and this video
Made flower bracelet
Food: Roasted chicken, applesauce, heart shaped cake

Week 5:
Read book
Made a sunbonnet
Researched black bears - watched this video
Studied bee keeping - watched this video
Made beeswax candles using this video
Worked more on braided mat
Food: Baked ham slices, swedish potatoes, cabbage and apple salad, fruit soup

Week 6:
Read book
Finished braided mat
Food: Swedish pancakes and potato soup

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