Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Girl - Caroline

Studying Caroline was a little more difficult than the others.  With her being a newer edition to the collection, there was not much material out there.  With that said, however, we found plenty to do, to occupy the six weeks of study.  Listed below are the activities we did along with each book.

Book 1:
- Label the sections of a sailboat
- Build a sloop out of cardboard and wooden craft sticks
- Write a letter to a far away relative
- Draw and design own schooner
- Make a loaf of gingerbread

Book 2:
- Make homemade biscuits and honey
- Stew and molasses pie for dinner
- Embroider a map
- Learn to crochet
- Decorate a wooden box
- Make a burnt sugar cake or apple pie for dessert

Working with one of her great aunts

Book 3:
- Make a doll and dress for the doll
- Bake cornbread
- Try a new hairstyle
- Using a paper clip, make ice skates for the doll
-  Using foam, make a sled for the doll
- Have a big dinner of ham, peas, potatoes, and apple pie

Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream

Book 4:
- Fried fish dinner
- Create a marsh/creek diorama
- Make beeswax candles
- Make some salve
- Look at other herbal remedies

Book 5:
- Make a fort
- Plant something in the garden, or tend to one
- Bake bread
- Make an emergency plan

Planting more strawberry plants

Book 6:
- Write a letter and seal it
- Make butter
- Study what a cow SHOULD eat
- If available, cook asparagus
- Draw what Independence Day at Sacket's Harbor may have looked like

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