Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Geography - India

We only spent a week on India, but what a yummy time :)

Day 1:
Stamped our passports
Found India on the wall map
Colored pictures of the map and flag
Read about children in India from Children Just Like Me
Looked at some different words

Day 2:
Learned about monsoons, including reading Monsoon and Monsoon Afternoon and watching this video and this video and this video

Day 3:
Learned about the Taj Mahal

Completed this Taj Mahal puzzle

Day 4:
Learned about the Pongal Festival, including watching this video 
Made Inlay Jewel Mosiacs

Food: Lassi, Ahm Phul, Tandoori Chicken Legs with Raita, Cauliflower and Pea Curry, Masala Chai, Murgh Kari (Chicken Curry), Basmati Rice

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