Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Geography - Israel

Shalom! and welcome to our week studying Israel!  As always, we thoroughly enjoyed the week!  Five days were devoted to exploring this country rich in its heritage.

We started off by marking our passports.  I LOVE that part!  Then we found Israel on our wall map.  Once that was complete, we watched some videos, including one centered around the capital, and one on the Jordan River.  We also learned about Canaan dogs and almonds.  To complete the day, we learned what our names in Hebrew would look like.  My name is שאנון

Tuesday of the week, we started by watching a video about the Biblical Zoo.  We also watched videos about the Dead Sea.  The Dugong, Bethlehem, and salt were all focuses of the day.  The fact that everything floats in the Dead Sea absolutely fascinated the children.  This in turn became a fun experiment.... How much salt would it take to float different items around the house :)

Wednesday we started the time with listening to lyre music.  So lovely and calming!  Then we took a look at the Mount of Olives, the Mediterranean Monk Seal, Tel Aviv and olives.

Thursday our studies were regarding Nazereth, the Negev Desert, camels, cobras, and honey.

Friday we learned about Hanukkah. With the research done, we turned our attention to crafts and food (my FAVORITE part, hehehe).  For our craft, we made Mosaic Stepping Stones.  We had bought the kits from AC Moore when they were on sale.      

For our Israeli meal, we made Israeli Spice Chicken, Potato Latkes, and Israeli Salad, with Flourless Chocolate Cake for Dessert.

For the Israeli Salad, we mixed chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and green onions with some olive oil and a touch of salt.

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