Thursday, December 26, 2013

Advent Countdown - Day 20 - Mexico

Our reading from the Bible, today, was Matthew 2:1-2.

Our country was Mexico.  May I just say that I LOVE learning about Mexico!?!?  Maybe it has something to do with the fact they are such close neighbors.  Maybe it is because most mexicans I have met have incredible work ethics and family values.  Maybe it is because I love eating Mexican food.  Maybe it is all of the above :)

Anyways, we truly enjoyed learning about Mexico.  I think our favorite part was learning about Las Posadas.  For this, starting on the 16th of December, a young girl dressed as Mary, riding on a donkey, along with the town people, go to a different house, asking for a place to stay.  And each night, they are turned away, being told there is no room.  That is, until Christmas Eve - and then they are welcomed in the home, where they say prayers of thanksgiving and then have a party.  What a great way to reenact and remember what Mary and Joseph went through so many years ago, bringing forth the King of all kings, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, so that we, His disciples and adopted children, can be reconciled to God through the shedding of His blood for our sins.

Our books we read went along with Mexico.  These included A Night of Las Posadas, by Tomia dePaola and The Legend of the Poinsettia, by the same author.  I highly recommend both books!

Our dinner included Chilaquiles al horno and Arroz verde con queso y rajas.  Oh my goodness - YUMMY!  The chilaquiles were a bit spicy, but mixed with the rice, it was fantastic!  Definitely a meal we will be making again!!!  Oh - and we had salad to give us a veggie ;)

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