Tuesday, December 3, 2013

American Girl - Josefina

Josefina is my oldest daughter's favorite American Girl doll.  While she thinks the doll is beautiful, the story is that much more.  After reading the books myself, I too must admit they are indeed a fabulous set!  The six weeks we spent on the books were six full and fun ones!

Book 1:
- Make a rebozo
- Make corn tortillas
- Take a virtual tour of Rancho de los Golondrinas
- Study Fandango dancing
- Learn to knit (we have only learned finger knitting so far and made American Girl scarves)
- Make waist pouches
- Make glass bead necklaces

Book 2:
- Learn to weave
- Make a memory box
- Make a skirt and shirt, much like Josefina's
- Make a Hen Pincushion
- Try some goat cheese on tortillas, with some plums

Book 3:
- Make hair combs (we actually made barrettes instead)
- Make an outfit for the American Girl doll
- Make tissue paper flowers/ Ramilletes
- Embroider/ Colcha Placemats
- Make Hot Tamales and Bizcochitas

Book 4:
- Make a coiled pot and paint it
- Punched Tin Lantern
- Fringed Shawl
- Study different herbal remedies

Book 5:
- Make a turquoise friendship bracelet
- Make a painted frame

Book 6:
- Make a broom
- Bake bread
- Drink hot chocolate

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