Thursday, December 26, 2013

Advent Countdown - Day 23 - Canada

Matthew 2:9-12 was our reading for today.  We then learned about Canada.  It seems like Canada, much like the United States, are a mode podge of cultures.  The one thing that seemed pretty consistent, though, from area to area, was that the people of Canada often send Christmas cards to one another.  The other traditions seemed to be based on where the people were from - be it from France, Germany, England, Ireland, etc.

Our book today was Waldo, Tell Me About Christmas.  We absolutely LOVE this book!  To sort of go along with it, we got our dogs some gifts for the season.  For those that do not know, we have to fantastic, though big, dogs that we adore.  Our older dog, Stephie, is a dutch shepherd mix.  She is fantastic with the children, yet very protective of them and myself.  Our other dog, Zoey, is still very much so puppy in her play.  However, she too is quite protective of "her pack," lol.

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